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Hey There

Hi, I'm Jamie.

I'm a freelance creative agent who helps people brainstorm, build, and grow independant businesses, goals, and lifestyles. I'm driven to help people live successfully within healthy, free systems. I love my work and life and hope to connect and inspire others to find the same. 

The skinny

People often tell me that I'm nothing like what they expect.

I take it as a compliment to be so full of surprises.

A >Little Insight

  • Originally from Chatham, I lived in Burlington and Oakville before moving to Brantford, Ontario where I started classes at WLU (Carnegie Building, coincidentally) on September 11, 2001, the day of the twin tower attacks. 

  • After completing my degree and 10+ years of teaching & working in education, I started out in 2017 as an independent freelancer creating content, managing projects, consulting, planning events, and making magical things happen.

  • Since then, I've had the privilege and opportunity to work with countless fascinating people, causes, and businesses to accomplish impressive growth and goals.  It's a wild, beautiful, rewarding adventure that I enjoy every day. 

  • I'm mom to a gigantic (size 16 feet!) hilarious teenager, two super cool cats, and about 80 houseplants. I surround myself in nature, high-frequency people, art, music, food, inspiration, and rich experiences.

  • I also have a minor degree in philosophy, and am infinitely curious and focused on higher awareness and learning new things. According to the  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment, I'm an INFJ-A, which fits.​

  • I'm an independent news and information junkie and X is my favourite platform.

Curious to know more? 

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