Need help putting together your online presence?  Have a goal or a project in mind that you just can't seem to get to? I can help.


Individual contract work is available through hourly packages, starting at $150.

Reach out today to chat - I'll be happy to hear from you and give you an estimate for your needs. 


Brand & Biz Starter Pkgs: 


You start the biz, I help get you set up with:


  • Plan of Online Attack
  • Domain(s)
  • Website
  • Social media account setup
  • Media designs
  • Content (bios, blogs, website pages +)
  • Witty banter and charm.


Marketing packages are entirely customizable. 

Give me a shout, we'll chat and work out a plan that works for you. 



Small business experience with marketing, websites, Wix, Word Press, SEO, advertising, strategy & goal setting, problem solving, training initiatives, content writing, blog posts, social media management, data analysis, community networking, lead generation, purchasing, client & shareholder support +   

Small Business Consulting