Website copy is the substance found within your website - Home page, About Us, Profiles, Histories - the staples that are important parts of your brand & presence, but text that is often overlooked and underutilized. In order to make sure that you're reaching and sending the right message to your audience - make the most of it with well-written copy that contains the right SEO keywords and phrases (for search optimization), and a strong, clear message about who you are and how you're the right person for the job. 


Let's clarify your goals and set a plan in action. Call or connect to request your copywriting or content writing estimate for your websites, publications, catalogs and more.


Rates start at $65 for individual piecework - request a free estimate for your needs.


  • In order to create the best content for your brand, I'll need a little information on your branding style/language, the primary purpose of the blog post and the audience you're trying to reach.  Upon your purchase or inquiry, you'll receive a quick survey form requesting a few basics, after which we will confirm deadlines and your written work will then be created.  You'll receive an initial, watermarked draft of your written piece, with the opportunity for one full set of revisions based on your review.  Additional revisions are subject to additional editing time, however this is not generally necessary.  Once revisions are complete, clients will receive a release with the written content that is then considered the individual property of the purchaser.