Break old patterns. Take a new, unpredictable path in 2021.

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Helping you find hope, balance and a bit of bad-assery in the year ahead.

I’ve always loved the potential of risk and change.

One of my earliest memories is from around 3 years old - climbing a set of stairs and jumping to the landing below, taking it one step higher every time. With every leap, I remember the impact when I hit the ground, the exhilaration, the rush of confidence and accomplishment - and each time knowing instantly that I wanted to climb higher and go further.

I’ve carried this mindset my entire life - the drive to keep pushing, having a complete, stubborn belief that I’m always capable of climbing higher and landing on my feet. I can always see the potential for growth in a situation. Often I’ve been afraid. Sometimes I’ve stumbled - sometimes I’ve flat out wiped out. Every single time, though, I get back up, shake it off, get the goal, climb one step higher - and jump again.

It’s a perspective I like to share. I love to see other people succeed.

Then 2020 came, and we all hit hard.

We were scared, lost, bewildered, and overwhelmed.

Some people reacted in awesome ways, some in disappointing ways, and others were simply too numb or sedated to react much at all. School, travel and small businesses were canceled, politics became (even more of) a ridiculous reality show, governments ‘fessed up about aliens, Jeff Epstein still didn’t hang himself, and the entire world was held hostage by Covid-19. It was a total shitshow, and there wasn’t any TP.

It wasn’t pretty - and it’s still not. We’re still in the thick of things and it’s not easy for a lot of people right now to catch their balance and stand back up again, let alone take steps to move forward.

I’m convinced though, that the stumbles, falls, and flat out wipe-outs we’ve faced this year have primed us to be wiser, climb higher, and do better.

This is my advice for finding hope and balance in 2021 - and how to step forward into the New Year ahead.

1. Feel free to disagree.

Other people will have their own ideas about how you should think, what you should do - and often what opportunities you deserve. Don’t accept anyone else’s limited perception of how you should feel, what you’re capable of, and when it’s appropriate for you to act (if ever).

Create opportunities to think for yourself and build the life that you want.

Feel free to disagree with living life the way you’re ‘supposed to’ in order to make other people comfortable. There will always be risk, whether you do something radical or you choose to stay in a comfort zone, doing nothing at all. Trust your intuition, educate yourself, let your inner badass out and push back against dead-end cycles and broken systems that no longer suit the life you want to live. Take a new, unpredictable path - you’ll find so much life on the other side.

2. Burn the checklist.

People were already under heavy pressure systems before Covid-19 created an epic, worldwide clusterf*ck. Behave yourself, don’t talk back, get good grades, tow the company line from 9-5 in uncomfortable pants, marry someone respectable, buy a home, raise 2.5 children, stay beautiful, fit and healthy, save $$$...the to-do-list of life tasks was long, daunting and came with few exceptions.

Many people find themselves so caught up in the process of checking off the life-list, that they forget to keep pushing for internal and outside-the-box progress. As we head into 2021 - it’s time to ditch the checklist and for you to do you. There’s very little growth and enjoyment in life when you simply live for vanilla, cookie-cutter expectations.

Start a fire, burn the checklist and break away from patterns and ideas that you’ve outgrown.

2021 is the time for you to choose your own adventure. Whatever excites you and makes you think differently is likely your biggest strength - aim for those goals and don’t accept anything less.

3. Don’t overthink it.

Commit to making one unconventional decision at a time.

Stop complicating situations by thinking that everything must be done simultaneously and perfectly - it’s an unattainable pipe-dream that will stop you in your tracks before you’re even able to start.

Pick one thing, instead. Start there, and start small.

What’s one thing in your life that you’d love to see changed?

Set one small, specific goal, commit to it, write it down, give yourself a deadline, and do it. Ask the question, pitch the idea, send the email, quit the toxic relationship - whether you’re wearing stiletto heels, work boots or converse kicks - just take it one little step at a time. You don’t need to start at the top step; the one from the bottom is easiest, builds experience and confidence. That bottom step is just perfect.

The more steps you take, the easier it gets - and the progress is undeniable, attractive, and addictive.

Next steps.

Let’s make this New Years the time to let go of ideas and patterns that you’ve outgrown. My personal goal this year is to add value by helping others find the potential in their unique situations - to help others stand up, take a chance on change, and see how much better life can be.

Don’t be afraid to jump, you don’t have to do it alone. Let’s take this year standing up - with each other.

Where are you headed next for 2021 - what’s your first step or goal going to be?

What’s with the shoes?

This is my media campaign #justforkicks! Creativity and courage have been primary driving forces throughout my entire life - so much so that I’ve built a successful independent business based on those attributes. I’ve created this media series around my cool new converse kicks, simply to share insight and inspiration about finding, and taking new paths in a bright, fun & funky way.

So, come on - walk with me. Just for kicks. See you next time, on this unconventional, unpredictable path. - Jamie

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