Create Change. Do the Thing.

You can do the thing.

You should do the thing - whatever it might be. You know - that idea that you keep stumbling over again and again thinking, “I wish I could…”, but you never actually take the moves to make it happen. That’s the thing you should do. Wherever your passions lie, is generally where I think people should gravitate to in order to live their best, healthiest, happiest lives.

I’ve reinvented my own life several times. It hasn’t always been easy, but the hardest and lowest points have taught me the most and helped shape a beautiful reinvention of who I am, and how I create my place in the world around me. I couldn’t go back to who I was beforehand - I’m an entirely new version of myself, and I wouldn’t give that up for anything in the world. Once you know, you can’t unknow.

I’ll never fit in the box. I tried at an earlier age, but being an uncoordinated mess at times, - I think I squashed that mf box flat, and that was the end of that. I like to consider myself a bit of a Freebird. Radical in all the right ways - free to live, work, and experience life on my own terms. Plus you know, the Lynyrd Skynyrd tune is a global anthem right - who doesn’t love a little Freebird? We all want to be free to fly wherever we want to go.

My mission now is to help spread the know. My goal really is to create a movement for change in the way that we live and support ourselves - to help create a community of people working based on their natural abilities and talents to build beautiful, self-sufficient, successful lives.

To rebel against a life and career that undervalues you, builds profits for others and at the end of the day - likely cares very little about you. I want to help you create opportunities to build the life that you want. To help you do something brave and grow a life that suits your skills, talents, and growth goals. I disagree with old, broken systems, and dysfunctional dynamics - and I’ll go to great lengths to find creative, progressive solutions to solving problems.

I want to drive change. To rock the boat, break the mold, reject the status quo. To stand with my people and build a better way.

I love being an independent - and even better, I love being able to help other independents create, build, and grow their ideas into a life lived on their own terms. I really believe that strong, independent people grow better, stronger communities, and ultimately a better world to live in - and my goal is to help drive this change.

Interested in joining an Army of Independants?

Dig deep, find a little bit of boldness & badassery - and let’s get started.


What’s with the shoes?

This is my media campaign just for kicks! Creativity and courage have been primary driving forces throughout my entire life - so much so that I’ve built a successful independent business based on those attributes. I’ve created this media series based on my funky new converse kicks, simply to share insight and inspiration about finding, and taking new paths in a bright, fun & funky way.

So, come on - walk with me. Just for kicks. See you next time, on this unconventional and unpredictable path.

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